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AMA MAP BP Dashboard

Five key metrics

As part of AMA MAP Hypertension™, physicians and clinics have access to a dashboard that provides monthly reports and tracking data on process and outcome metrics.

Overall Outcome

Percentage of patients 18 through 85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension and whose BP was adequately controlled during the most recent encounter of the measurement period.

Overall Outcome dashboard image

Confirmatory Blood Pressure

Percentage of office visits with an initial uncontrolled BP that is followed by confirmatory BP readings.

Confirmatory Blood Pressure dashboard image

Therapeutic Intensity

Average number of medications (at standard dose or higher) that are prescribed to patients with uncontrolled BP.

Therapeutic Intensity dashboard image

SBP Change After Therapeutic Intensification

Average reduction in systolic BP (SBP) after an increase in therapeutic intensification.

SBP Change after Therapeutic Intensification dashboard image

Visit Follow-up

Percentage of visits with uncontrolled BP that have a follow-up visit within 30 days.

Visit Follow-Up dashboard image

Explore results with flexible data tools

The AMA MAP Hypertension Dashboard allows your organization
to access and review data in depth, ensuring your care
team has access to the most relevant patient data.

Equity Filter

Filter data by gender, race, ethnicity and age.

Date selection

Refine your data by either 12-month rolling or single-month periods.

Report selection

Take a closer look at your data by site, groups, clinicians and more.


See how your progress compares to others in your HCO.


See changes month over month as well as 12-month rolling overall progress.


Create and download secure, detailed reports of your dashboard data for use offline.

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